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exterior Simmermon Custom HomesSimmermon Custom Homes specializes in custom home building, home remodeling, home renovation and home restorations. As a multiple winner of the prestigious Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence (C.A.R.E.), Simmermon Custom Homes is a proven provider of outstanding craftsmanship and value. Simmermon Custom Homes has completed Award-Winning projects in neighborhoods throughout the Denver Metro area, including C.A.R.E. Awards for Green Remodel, Whole House Accessible/Universal Remodel, and multiple Historic Remodels. Custom Homes in Hilltop and Award-Winning Remodels in the Denver Country Club, Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree and the Seventh Avenue Historic District have established Simmermon Custom Homes as a Premier Homebuilder.

Ready to Make Some Changes?

Do you ever hesitate to invite family or friends into your home? Do you need to make changes because of children? Do you need to make your rooms more functional? Does your home need updated or a facelift? Do you need more space or does one space need opened up to another room or space? Does your kitchen or bathrooms need a makeover?  Are you just bored with your present home but don’t want to move from your current location? Maybe it’s time to remodel all or part of your present home. You are not alone. Our homes age and our taste changes over time. Updating our homes with modern materials and a fresh design is a good investment. Our homes should be an attractive and comfortable place to relax and entertain.

Top 5 Reasons to Remodel

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, the top five reasons given by home owners for remodeling were:

1) A desire for better and newer amenities

2) The need to repair/replace old components

3) The need for more space

4) To avoid moving and buying a new home

5) To repair damage

Is it time to remodel?

Are you facing the age-old dilemma, ‘do I buy new or remodel?’ The answer simply may be “It depends.” If one or more of the following scenarios matches your current situation, then a remodel may be your best option.

  • You love your neighborhood
  • You want to stay in your school district and/or like the community/local amenities
  • There are no available building lots in or around your neighborhood
  • You are emotionally attached to your home
  • You would rather invest in your home, than in closing and moving costs

While updating the style, size and functionality are the most common reasons for remodeling your home, there are also many other benefits of remodeling.

A Couple of Helpful Tips


It’s all connected

Sometimes tackling the whole house is unavoidable. It makes a lot of sense to bring everything up to current standards. This is especially true for historic and older homes. And, improvements to heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, roofing and structural systems might be necessary before starting the fun stuff anyway. It makes no sense to have that dream kitchen or family room if you can’t keep the house warm in winter.

Have a game plan

Make sure you have a game plan so you know what the end result will be. Make decisions early and often. You can never plan too much when it comes to a renovation. It doesn’t matter if the project is to be done all at once or over several years. You’ll have a better experience by making decisions early and not changing things in the middle of construction.

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